Posted by: soulshinemoments | March 30, 2014

Living & Dying

How could I not have a strong case of spring fever with weather like this?

I am literally aching to graduate…if for no other reason than to not feel guilty for playing outside instead of trying to get ahead with school work!

I am currently reading, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying (which I bought yesterday after the bead show).  I originally bought it in hopes of finding something to read to my hospice patients who are non-verbal and have late stage Alzheimer’s disease.  We are required to sit with them for at least 15 minutes and that can often be challenging when the patients do not speak.  Neither of my supervisors have done it, but they suggested that I read to them.

I have read “Desiderata” a couple of times to one of my  patients, but I have been hungry for new material.  I thought The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying might be something I could read, but the more I delve into it, the more I see that it is really for my own edification.

“According to the wisdom of Buddha, we can actually use our lives to prepare for death.  We do not have to wait for the painful death of someone close to us or the shock of terminal illness to force us into looking at our lives.  Nor are we condemned to go out empty-handed at death to meet the unknown.  We can begin, here and now, to find meaning in our lives.  We can make of every moment an opportunity to change and to prepare–wholeheartedly, precisely, and with peace of mind–for death and eternity.” -Sogyal Rinpoche

My book is already covered with highlighted lines and paragraphs.  It once again reminds me how important meditation is and the need for me to connect to my spiritual being as much as I can.

I am thinking upon ways to really engage with life and live it fully.  I made my usual list of goals I want to accomplish for the month of April and am using an application via my new phone to keep me accountable.  They are pretty much the usual goals I have for myself for the month, but I want to delve deeper: meditation, yoga (but home practice this month because I am going to need to be at home so much this month while Jack is traveling and I will need to save money), commune with nature, do well in school, gratitude journal, be a good mommy and step-mom, create art (bead, make jewelry, paint, learn to blow glass), etc.

This morning, Jack, Jackson, and I went to Church. (Ariel was spending the night with her friend). Usually at church the sermon is what moves me and the worship is fine, but nothing that particularly speaks to me.  Today, however, I felt more moved during worship.  It helps that I am reading the book that I am.  I couldn’t help but to think upon the universe and God extra hard this morning after some of the words I read last night.

After church, the three of us went to the shoe store.  Jack’s birthday is next week and I asked him if I could please buy him a new pair of shoes for his birthday a week early while I had him with me.  He needs new shoes badly.  He always wears his shoes until they are falling apart at the seams and are funky smelling! I am still brainstorming other things to do for him for his birthday next Saturday.  I want to do something creative but am kind of drawing a blank!

After shoe shopping, we then went out to lunch and afterwards stopped by Petsmart to pet the dogs for sale.  There was one dog that had only three legs that was so adorable.  We really want to get a rescue dog for Opal to play with someday. Now Jack is downstairs blowing glass with his new shopmate, Jackson is watching Curious George for the 1000th time, Ariel is at youth group, and I am typing away in here.

I am working at the nursing home for the rest of my Spring Break.  I am actually glad that I am working.  We could use the money and I really love my job and the people I meet.

Here is a collage I made of my day and a picture of me doing an inversion today. Hehe 🙂








  1. Have a treasure hunt in the woods for his birthday. Hide some gifts for him to find with a map.
    Just a thought. 😀

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