Posted by: soulshinemoments | March 21, 2015

‘Cause One Time Is Never Enough….

I was nine months pregnant when I took my GRE almost four years ago.  Little Jackson was kicking and moving the entire time I was taking the test.  I did horrible on the test, too, by the way.  I’m not sure whether to blame it on my “pregnancy brain”, my lack of preparation for the test, or just my plain natural inabilities to do math. But, bad as my scores were, they were still good enough to get me into my MSW program here in Georgia.  Once I got my official acceptance letter to grad school, I thought I had really struck gold.

Yesterday afternoon I began clicking on a computer screen, answering hypothetical and ethical social work related questions, attempting to complete my LMSW exam.  Yesterday, however, butterflies were in my tummy, instead of Jackson’s little kicking feet. Passing this test would get me a raise at work, open up future opportunities, and get me one step closer to obtaining my LCSW (another 3 year process….maybe by the time I get my LCSW, I will strike gold! ha). After three hours, I was finished with the test.  I was so nervous to hit that submit button.  I said a quick prayer to my social work angel, hit submit, and did everything I could do to hold back my excitement when I read the words: PASS on my computer screen!

Jack and I had planned last week to go see G. Love in concert this weekend at the Variety Playhouse. (I actually was able to see G. Love in concert in Florida 5 years ago. And wrote about it here: I was super excited to see him last night!  I picked up Jack in downtown Atlanta where he is helping build cell towers.  We had enough time to eat dinner, change into more concert appropriate clothing, and make it in time for the concert. We had a great time, but the concert was entirely too short, though!




While Jack and I got a night on the town, Jackson had a sleepover when his friend, C.  How cute are they!?





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