Posted by: soulshinemoments | October 23, 2015


I sang Jackson lullabyes last night while watching his eyes get heavier and heavier–almost asleep–and then they would pop open at the end of each song and he would command, “sing another one!” He tries to be such a tough, macho, daddy’s boy….but now and again, I still find those sweet, innocent baby moments and my heart melts!

Right now, he and Jack are downstairs (yes, at 11:30 at night) putting tile down on our 30 year old, previously ugly laminate kitchen floor.  Jackson is his daddy’s shadow.  He never tires “helping” Jack do all of this reconstruction we are doing around our house, either.  He will sit with his dad for hours, completely enthralled.  It’s pretty amazing, actually.  I get the house fixed up and my kid entertained at the same time!

Today was a beautiful, warm fall day and I definitely did not take enough advantage of it.  I drove around listening to my “TedTalks”.  One about “marrying yourself”, one about the art of small talk, one about how to get what you want out of life (focus on one thing, practice daily). I met our intern at one of the facilities.  One of the patients we sat with were a couple. They are both on our hospice services. They were married in 1947 and still act like love birds.  I asked her what the secret was and she said “just work things out. Dont give up easily.” I had a really pleasant work day.  I am blessed in what I do for a living.  Thank you, God!

Jack, Jackson, Ariel, and I took a long 3 hour nap when we got home from work and school–exhausted from the week.  We woke up at 7pm and ordered chinese food.  Now the boys are hard at work and I am so very grateful it is Friday! I’m going to try to do some yoga in the morning at the gym.  But now I am ready to read and sleep. So, goodnight! 



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