Posted by: soulshinemoments | October 27, 2015

“Vision is Greater than Baggage.” – Stephen Covey

Every other Tuesday, I have 8 hours of computer work to do (updating plans of care for my patients).  It can be tedious, but I am able to make the most out of it…especially on days like today when it is cold, windy, and rainy outside.  I dropped Ariel off at the bus stop, Jackson off at his Pre-K, grabbed myself a coffee from McDonalds, and spent the rest of the day working from home.  I don’t mind having the time to organize and mentally revisit each patient….especially when I can wear yoga pants and a hoodie all day.

When Jack came home today, we went to the library to use the printer.  I am eligible to have my colonoscopy and endoscopy covered because I am just poor enough to receive the help and just needed to print off some forms related to that.  (Woo hoo!) Jack is going to school in December, so he printed off stuff related to starting his CAD program.  He also received a phone call at the library which was definitely good news–a job interview Friday.  It is for more construction-related work, but the pay will be better than what he is receiving now and the hours will be steady.  So that was good news all around.  I picked out some kiddie books for Jackson,  and we picked up Ariel from the house, and went out to Moe’s for dinner.

I am going vegeterian this week to be better prepared for my colonoscopy next Tuesday.  I started Sunday and, so far, it has been really easy.  Now with this news about bacon and processed meat scientifically proven to be carcinogenic, I am even more revolted by the idea of meat and am seriously considering making vegeterianism a permanent thing in my life (or, at least, pesco-vegeterianism).  Giving up meat is doable for me, but my real downfall is sugar.  If I could give sugar and meat up, I know I would be much healthier.  Maybe, soon….

Ariel is studying for her learner’s permit as she turn 15 on Thursday! Jack and I are both a little terrified.  She, for the most part, has a good head on her shoulders. I just pray it stays that way through the late teenage years.  My more experienced mom friends with teenagers and adult children have been telling me since Ariel was 12 that 15 and 16 are the hardest ages for girls and dealing with them.  Great.  But 11 & 12 were so difficult for me, 15 & 16 can’t be worse than that, can it?  I want to believe that I’ve made it through the hard times….maybe that’s naive of me.  All I can do is take it day by day.  I read a book a few weeks ago called Stepmonster which was actually really, really helpful for me and helped me intellectualize the step-family/step-daughter dynamics. But, anyway, Thursday we are taking her and a friend out to dinner for her birthday. 

Friday my friend and former co-worker is getting married to her partner of 20 years and I’m going to try to attend her backyard wedding. 
Saturday is Halloween.  We are getting together with my friend and her family.  Both our boys are going to be police officers (Jackson just had to dress up like his best friend.)
Busy, but good week!
& also, 96 days until Jack and I get married! Shit, I need to get toned and sexy in the next 3 months…going to have to kick my gym attendance into high gear! Yikes….
Anyway, now I am rambling, so I will end on that note….Good night!

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