Posted by: soulshinemoments | November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Well, I would say that Halloween last night was a success–all the way around. From Ariel, to Jackson, to Jack and me–we had fun.  As Jack put it, “It was a win-win-win situation.”

We started off the night with one of my best friends, Cassie, and her two children (the boy, Caleb, is Jackson’s best friend).  Both our boys were dressed in the exact same police officer costumes.  Jackson heard what Caleb wanted to be for Halloween and decided he wanted to be the exact same thing.  I tried my best to convince him otherwise, but he had to be dressed like his buddy. We started off our adventure walking our neighborhood with them.  Jackson is finally old enough to understand halloween and would eagerly run to every house, hungry for candy, and offer up a sweet, “Trick or treat!” as a greeting. By the time we reached the end of the neighborhood, we ran into our other neighbors and friends at the end of the neighborhood.

Our neighbors (who I became friends with when I was pregnant with Jackson) also have a little boy, Lyric, about Jackson’s age, and they had a blast running through the rest of the neighborhood as an officer and spiderman. By the time we finished the neighborhood, they were begging to have a sleepover with eachother.  (Jackson has only spent the night away from home one time in his 4 years of life!) So after trick-or-treating was finished, Jackson wanted to spend the night with Lyric (spiderman). We agreed and the boys had a sleepover at our neighbors.

My friend from grad school, Hillary, invited Jack and me over to drink some wine with her husband and her, as welll.  After we dropping Jackson off, Jack and I met up with Hilary and Robbie, to have some wine.  We got to their house around 9:30 and hung out, watching football and joking around.  By the time it was around 12, Hillary said, “Why don’t yall just spend the night!” So we did.  The whole family had a sleepover, basically.  Jackson with his best friend in the neighborhood, Ariel with her best friend from school, and us with my friend from grad school.  That’s why it was a win-win-win situation.  All of us had a fun and happy halloween.

Now I am drinking laxatives, preparing for my colonoscopy on Tuesday.  At least I am still allowed to eat hard candy….



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