Posted by: soulshinemoments | November 4, 2015

Thanks for taking my crap

Spent the rest of the weekend and beginning of the week starving myself, purging myself, and binging on a gallon of “Gavalyte” nastiness to purge myself some more…all for my colonoscopy yesterday.

As disgusting as it sounds, it really was not too excruciating. And, I only became “hangry” once.  Jack commandeered the remote control from me while I was desperately trying to distract myself from my hunger pangs (31 hours since my last meal).  He turned it to his Monday night football game and I literally wanted to kill him!  But then he went to tuck Jackson into bed and fell asleep while tucking him in.  How could I be upset at something so cute?  Plus, I was able to have control of the TV again and all was well with the world. 

Thank goodness for iphones….I was able to distract myself pretty well while spending long hours in the bathroom.  I actually found this twitter account late Monday Night ( and laughed hysterically reading people’s embarrassing moments.  Jack and I were even reading it together while in the waiting room for my procedure.  We were in stitches!

For my procedure, they hooked me up to some machines, pricked me for the anesthesia, and rolled me to a secluded room.  The doctor said somethinig to me like, “You’re going to go to sleep and by the time you wake up, we will be all done.”   

Next thing I know, I awake to Jack sitting across from me.  I told Jack 4 times that I wasn’t pregnant, forgetting each time that I had already told him. (I had to take a pregnancy test before the procedure and my periods can be wonky so I had a small fear that maybe I was.  Apparently, I was really excited about not being pregnant and told him 4 times.

“Yeah, I kind of figured.  They wouldn’t have done the procedure otherwise.” He said.
“Um, yeah. You’ve already told me that 4 times.” He said, again.

I was just a little loopy.

They did remove 2 small polyps from my colon.  I guess I have got to stay really proactive with my health and early detection.  It’s scary for me to think that this may catch up with me one day….like it did my dad.

Nonetheless, I am feeling even more motivated to improve my nutritional habits.  After work today, I bought 2 books: 100 Days of Real Food and Wanderlust for some extra guidance. I’m also recording what I eat into “Myfitnesspal”.  More water, less sugar, no alcohol, limited meat, lots of vegetables. I desire this lifestyle, for sure.


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