Posted by: soulshinemoments | November 11, 2015

“Now is the gateway to the heart”

It all started around May of this year with a plank, squat, and meditation “challenge”. Increase number of squats each day for a month, increase time in plank each month (with 5 minutes being the ultimate goal), and meditate everyday. My friend in Florida, Emily, and I took this self-imposed “challenge” together around May and made it to almost the end of the month but 5 minutes in plank was very, very tough! We kept track of our challenge on a google docs chart which we each had access.

Next we took a 100 days of yoga challenge. This one we simplified in keeping track of our progress by just snapping a picture after we did at least 15 minutes of yoga each day. I made it to 76 days consecutively–did yoga through a staph infection in my leg and everything. But once I started running a fever, I couldn’t hang anymore and failed to finish out the remainder 24 days. Bummer. (I’m still beating myself up for my FAILURE!!)

A couple days ago, Emily and I started another challenge together.


Ok. Now this one was completely her idea and sounds much more do-able. I definitely need the flexibility in scheduling at this point in my life. I can barely schedule my life from an hour from now…let alone 100 days for now! (For example, just while typing this, I have been interrupted repeatedly with Ariel asking me questions about her driving learners exam coming up and Jackson with asking me to get him food, open up a halloween candy wrapper, etc!!)

After my IDT this morning, I was able to take my lunch break at home and, consequently, throw in some guided meditation to complete my challenge for the day. This is me all blissed out!


I’m so stuck on self-improvement, but honestly, sometimes I think it just makes me perpetually frustrated and disappointed with myself. That is the beauty of this challenge. It is more soul-focused….. I would love to complete a 100 day of yoga challenge, become super fit, super traveled and well-read, super rich…but damn! Most days I’m just trying to get through the day, feed my family, get my work completed, pay some bills. It’s not all that exciting, but sometimes I just have to accept where I am in life right now and not let my ideal self get this best of me….

I had coffee Sunday night with my amazing friends from grad school. While we were each sipping on our special holiday coffees, R. turned to E. and I and said, “We have come a way, guys! It was just a couple of years ago that we were studying together, complaining about professors, and wondering what we were going to do with our degrees. We’ve grown up, I guess!”

Her comment certainly did make me feel some sense of accomplishment, at least! Maybe I should start keeping more track of things I’ve done instead of things I haven’t done and things I still need to do….


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