Posted by: soulshinemoments | November 22, 2015

Progress, not perfection…

My little 4 year old germ bomb, while playing with other four year old germ bombs at pre-k, decided to bring some wonderful strep for us to share.  I received a call from his school Friday afternoon that he had a rash and I rushed him to his pediatrician to find out he had strep throat.  Saturday, I woke up with a sore throat and am on antibiotics today, too.  Needless to say, my Miracle Morning over the weekend definitely faltered, after a wonderful 7 day streak.  I did at least do some guided meditation Saturday (and still woke up 7 and 8 am Saturday and Sunday) and did some journaling and reading today. So while I did not complete my “SAVERS” at 5 am and in the order that I liked, at least I did something. I do wonder why this happens to me–just like with my yoga challenge–right when I’m in the flow, unstoppable, my body fails me.  With yoga, it was the staph infection on my leg.  With my Miracle Morning, it is strep throat.  Maybe the Universe is teaching me “Progress not perfection” and not to get hung up in the religiousness of these positive habits.

I do, however, plan on rising early to start my week.  I have to take tomorrow off from work so I am not contagious to my immune suppressant patients. And I am also considering not doing miracle mornings in the traditional way on weekend because Jack and I like staying up later on the weekends and sleeping in, as well.  I definitely won’t force it.  Week days are a different story, though.

The other ridiculous thing about myself is that I am trying to read SEVEN books right now. They are all from vastly different genres–but, still.  I am overwhelming myself. Two I started from the library I am definitely returning because they are just plain ol’ hokey.  One is a recipe/diet book that I can put to rest for a bit, too. So, that narrows it down to only  4 books. A little more do-able! So my four books to finish in the next couple of weeks: The Stand (Stephen King), Wanderlust (Jeff Krasno), Hospice Social Work, The Mermaid Chair (Sue Monk, a audio book for when I’m driving).  After I knock these out, I plan on getting more goal-oriented, self-motivation books.

Also I would like to strengthen/spend time on my creative side and visualization side.  I’m so practical and structure-oriented right now! I miss painting and making jewelry and traveling! Speaking of traveling….70 days until Jack and I get married and go to Mexico! I am so ready…especially the colder it gets!

My patient I wrote about a few entries ago (“The Problem with Pain”) passed away today. My heart is heavy but I am so glad she is no longer physically suffering. I will always remember this lady even though I only knew her a couple of weeks. She’ll be on of my patients I will never forget.

I need to close this entry and head to bed as 5am will come early. Peace & Blessings.

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