Posted by: soulshinemoments | January 6, 2016

“Set some Goals//Stay quiet about them//Smash the Shit out of them//Clap for your own damn self.”

Miracle Morning day #36
& 26 days until Jack and I get married!

I kind of look at this “Miracle Morning” thing as planting a seed. Admittedly, sometimes it feels silly and ridiculous to sit in silence with no agenda, to say positive affirmations out loud, to create an ideal future/scenario in my mind, to read books by successful people full of cheers and positivity, and to journal to myself with no audience. But, I feel like I’m planting something good within myself that is sure to bear amazing fruit. We will see, but I have faith.

Today was a rushed Miracle Morning as I woke up at 540 am. My ideal time is 440 wake up so I can ease into my day and take more time in my SAVERS. I couldn’t do that this morning, and honestly, Exercise–with the exception of a couple downdogs–was cut out. Jackson is in the habit of sleeping in our bed now (after being such an independent sleeper as a toddler!) and ended up peeing our bed this morning. He rarely does it anymore, but now and then, he will have an accident. So I had to run upstairs, change him, change our bedsheets–all interfering in my “E” in SAVERS.

I’m taking my usual Wednesday night yoga class this evening at the gym, so that will make up for it, I hope.

I’m also fasting from social media for the week. I started Monday and think I may fast for a week each month to focus on my goals (suggestion made by my friend, Cassie). So now when I have a spare minute, instead of checking facebook, I work on my bullet journal or do something productive. It is a nice break and I feel like I am being more productive with my time.

I started a new bullet journal in January. I really enjoy this process. (I know, NERD!) Here are some pictures of what mine looks like. It’s not as artistic and perfect as some out there, but it’s personal and it’s mine!

Anyway, I need to get back to work. I just wanted to write a quick entry! xoxo



  1. You are beautiful! So grateful for finding you on Instagram awhile back, as your posts are always inspiring. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Love and smiles to you!!

  2. Love and smiles and many blessings to you as well! So glad we found each other on instagram! look forward to reading your blog more

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