Posted by: soulshinemoments | March 10, 2016

“Trust your elevated thoughts, especially those that stir up passion, and then act on them as if they were unquestionable.” -Wayne Dyer

Miracle morning 23/30

 Finally completed a miracle morning that I am proud of! It really helps when my husband has to get up early for work at 0430. I went to yoga class last night which also somehow pushed me in the right direction for this morning. 

Today, I have a couple of patients I need to see, but I need to spend the majority of my day working on continuing education courses to keep my social work license current. I am really doing some soul searching about what I want to do with my life (as always)! More specifically, if I should pursue becoming a licensed clinical social worker right now or not. It requires regular supervision which means more time and money which I am not sure I am ready to part with at this time in my life. It is also a 3 year process. But after I obtain my LCSW, I would be able to go into private practice and use everything I’ve been self-studying these past three years about yoga, meditation, mind-body connection, holistic health. I’m just sort of struggling to see my bigger picture. Hospice social work is amazing and i am learning all the time, but I don’t want to do it forever. 

I’m sure I’ll figure it out! 

Time to get the kids up. Xoxo


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