Posted by: soulshinemoments | March 17, 2016

“Contemplation is the highest form of activity.” -Aristotle

Miracle morning 28/30

Whole30 4/30

Good morning!

Yes, I missed my miracle morning yesterday. My body is getting used to these diet changes, but I am feeling good. Excellent nutrition along with yoga practice really cures a lot of mind-body ailments!

I’m almost finished with my miracle morning challenge which I feel I completed decently. Not perfect, but the intention is there! Once I’m finished with day 30, i plan to keep going. I just won’t write in here everyday, but i will still write in here and focus on my quality than quanity.

I have noticed with this whole 30 challenge that for some reason every afternoon between 3-5, anxiety starts surfacing in me. When I was eating normally, i would have an afternoon slump. But now, I start to feel anxious. Weird. Sunshine and yoga help but are not always easy to access if I am working! The book says after 15 days of the whole 30, my body should be completely adjusted to this new routine and I will feel as if I have “tiger blood”. 🙂 I will let you know if that’s true!
Ok, time to get the kids to school. More soon!


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