Posted by: soulshinemoments | March 20, 2016

“I contemplate myself surrounded by the conditions I wish to attract into my life.” (Wayne t

Miracle Morning 29/30 (ish…non-consecutively)

Whole30 day 7/30

Good Morning!

On day 29 of my miracle morning, though I’m not sure I should even say day number 29 as I have not been consecutive with my MM as I had hoped.  I don’t mean to make excuses, but life definitely intrudes! If the point is for me to get into the habit of cherishing my quiet morning times and focus on obtaining my goals, my MM challenge has definitely served its purpose.  Also, I plan on making this a life-time habit. So, in that sense, I have succeeded.  I am also digging my Whole30 challenge I am doing.  I didn’t feel the best the first couple of days I started my Whole30 (anxious), but now I am in the flow and feel amazing.  I believe my love for the Miracle Morning somehow led me onto this path.

After tomorrow, I will still continue on with my SAVERS, including scribing, of course.  I will just be writing in my notebook journal.  My entries in here over the last month have been quick and not as thoughtful as I make my journal when I hand-write my entries.  But, I will continue to update in here, it just may not be daily.

I’ve had a wonderful weekend.  I did my zumba class on Friday and I just love it.  As mentioned before, it is a nice change to my slow, melodic yoga classes.  It is definitely a great balance for me.  I also completed my 5AM workouts at the gym twice last week and was able to spend the rest of the afternoon at the lake and park with my kids.  It was a sweet treat and really helped  my nerves as I was just starting my Whole30 program. I went to the gym 5 days last week and two of those days were AM work-outs.  I want to make it 6 days next week and 3 day AM workouts.  I think now my body is adjusting to my Whole30 program, I should be able to kill it at the gym.

Yesterday, we went to the huge farmer’s market and stocked up on Whole30 products–lots of fresh veggies, fruits, meats, coffee, and teas.  The honey, wine, and pastry section looked so good, but I was a good girl.  Jack had to stock up on his cheese, but I swear, I won’t touch it.  We had so much fun and Jackson got a kick out of the live fish.  We spent two hours there yesterday, and despite the hour long drive, we decided we need to make that a regular monthly/bi-monthly trip. I’m lucky to have an ex-executive chief as my husband because he can hook up the kitchen and also loves his veggies and meats, too. He makes this challenge relatively easy for me! Thank goodness.

If anyone is interested in the Whole30 Program I have been mentioning, check out  I bought the books, too. (It starts with Food & Whole30, by Melissa Hertwig and Dallas Hartwig). I will update my progress and let you know how my next 23 days go.

Peace & Blessings!




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