Posted by: soulshinemoments | March 22, 2016

Miracle Morning Finale

Miracle morning 30/30

Whole30 day 9

Good morning! Not sure if I should even say Miracle Morning 30/30 as there were many gaps in my challenge. Whew. But, as previously mentioned, I will keep with it. Figured out some things that worked and don’t work for me. 

My newest challenge is rocking this whole30 thing. I definitely feel hangry when I don’t eat (like this morning, for instance). But I am noticing positive physical changes already.  I am definitely a fan of this program. 

Time to get my day started. Much love!  



  1. I have an idea. I know you love to write, I love to write. We are working on similar goals in health/wellness. Want to join some writings?? I am busy and you are busy, but I wonder if you want to still write, as I do? If I am totally crazy, I am cool with that…just tell me! If not, then, let me know and we can get this ball/post/blog thing going! ā¤ Namaste dear soulshine!

    • That sounds great! What is your plan exactly? šŸ™‚

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